All registered pilots are professionally organised in the form of a public body for the profession: Nederlandse Loodsencorporatie. In addition to a number of legal tasks the NLc’s main objective is to maintain and improve the quality of job performance.

The supporting company, Nederlands Loodswezen B.V. provides general support to the pilots and their profession. The primary tasks are the collection of pilotage charges and transportation of the registered pilots to and from the sea-going vessels.

Nederlands Loodswezen organisation chart


All Dutch registered pilots are, by law, members of the Nederlandse loodsencorporatie [NLC] (Dutch Maritime Pilot's Association).

The NLC is a public organisation and consists of three official bodies:

  1. the president
  2. the board
  3. the general meeting

The board is in charge of NLC’s daily activities and carries out a number of legal and independent tasks, all of which concern the promotion of the quality of registered pilots and their services. The general meeting has both a monitoring and a legal task regarding the establishment of decrees. The Minister of Infrastructure and Environment has preventive as well as repressive power.

Existing decrees are:

  • decree on professional conduct
  • decree on qualification
  • decree on the rendering of services
  • decree with respect to the articles of apprenticeship for apprentice pilots

Regional Maritime Pilots' Associations

Apart from the national NLC, there are four Regional Maritime Pilots' Associations (RLC’s):

The registered pilots working in a particular district form these RLC’s.

The RLC’s, too, have three official bodies:

  • the president
  • the board
  • the general meeting

The regional board deals with the profession of registered pilots and their quality on a regional level. The board also ensures that there is a sufficient number of apprentice pilots with a view to maintaining standards of services to shipping. Furthermore, the RLC is responsible for regional education of apprentice pilots.


The registered pilots are shareholders of Nederlands Loodswezen BV. By joining in a limited liability partnership the registered pilots have all the support to carry out their profession.

The Nederlands Loodswezen B.V. deals with the collection of pilotage charges, the planning and transportation of the pilots and the associated administration. Nederlands Loodswezen B.V. is the managing partner of the Pilots’ association.

Loodswezen Materieel B.V.

The registered pilots are also shareholders of Loodswezen Materieel B.V., a partnership with legal ownership of the vessels used for the transportation of the registered pilots.