Nederlands Loodswezen continuously works on improving the safety and the quality of their services.

This inter alia means that both for the process of piloting and for the piloting of vessels the level of safety and quality is continuously improved by means of permanent training courses, education, risk assessments, accident investigations etc. The basic principle is that the company policy reaches higher than the requirements set in legislation, regulations, in standards and in codes.

This is shaped by the Quality & Safety Department of Nederlands Loodswezen, who also supports the process of continuous improvement in the entire organisation. Apart from that, the department develops and monitors the process of risk management and sees to it that the adopted own policy is implemented, that current legislation and regulations are complied with, and that adopted standards and codes are met.


ISPO (International Standard for Maritime Pilot Organisations) is an international industry standard initiated by a number of Pilot organisations. The ISPO standard is continuously being developed under supervision of the International User Group (IUG) of ISPO certified Pilot organisations.

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