As no two ports are the same, we work from four regions.

Region sites

As no two ports are the same, we work from four regions: North, Amsterdam-IJmond, Rotterdam-Rijnmond and River Scheldt. Registered pilots mainly operate from one single region; as a result, they thoroughly know the port areas they work in. With this, we ensure that our customers always receive an optimum service and the quality which they should expect from us.

four regions

  • Region North is active in the ports of Harlingen, Delfzijl and Eemshaven, Kornwerderzand, Den Helder and Lauwersoog.
  • Region Amsterdam-IJmond is active in the North Sea Canal area, the port of Den Helder and the western segment of the Wadden Sea area.
  • Region Rotterdam-Rijnmond is active in the ports of Rotterdam, Dordrecht, Moerdijk, Schiedam, Vlaardingen, Maassluis, Hook of Holland and Scheveningen.
  • Region Scheldemonden is active in the Dutch ports in the Western Scheldt area such as Flushing (Vlissingen) and Terneuzen and in the Flemish ports of Antwerp and Ghent.

There are regional offices in Eemshaven, IJmuidenRotterdam and Flushing (Vlissingen). The office of the NLc and NLBV is located in Hook of Holland.